Want a different size Dreamy Pattern? You might like your star a little smaller to use as a key ring.. or maybe a larger cloud to use as a pillow on a bed.
This how-to guide will show you how you can reduce or enlarge a pattern with Adobe Acrobat Reader just before printing.

♥ Open your pattern with Adobe Acrobat Reader. It’s one of the most commonly used PDF readers and it’s FREE 🙂 If you do not have it on your computer yet, you can download your version at www.get.adobe.com/reader.

♥ In Adobe, scroll down to the last page of your pattern, so that the actual pattern is on your screen. Press the ‘Print‘  button as shown below and you will now see the print box.

♥  At ‘Pages to Print‘, select ‘Current Page‘ – the reader will show the page you want to resize in the document preview pane.

♥ At ‘Page Sizing & Handling‘, select ‘Custom Scale‘. You will see a percentage here. The original pattern is 100%.

♥ Smaller >> At ‘Page Sizing & Handling‘, select ‘Custom Scale‘. You will see a percentage here. The original pattern is 100%. To resize for a smaller pattern, type in a lower percentage 70% or 50% (for a bigger pattern, read on).

Tip: When you have changed the percentage, click on the preview pane and it will show you the resized pattern in relation to your printing page. This means you can adjust a couple of times untill you’re happy and ready to print.

♥ Bigger >>Printing your pattern bigger can mean that the pattern will no longer fit on your letter/A4 sized paper. In this scenario, you will have to print it over multiple pages and stick those pages together.

♥ Make sure you have selected ‘Current Page‘.

♥ At ‘Page Sizing & Handling‘, select ‘Poster‘. You will see a percentage at ‘Tile Scale’. You can type in a higher percentage here, then click the preview pane to see how it looks.

♥ At ‘Orientation‘, click which one looks better in preview.

♥ Now that you’ve printed the pages, allign them and stick them together so you have your complete bigger pattern!

I hope this guide was helpful for you. If for some reason you are having difficulties or need extra help, feel free to contact me via mail.  If you want to stay informed about sewing tips / giveaways / new collections / member only discounts, join the Dreamy V.I.P. club below for free 🙂 Happy sewing!



Which one of these sewing projects inspire you to resize your pattern?