Today I’ll be showing you how different eyes can create a different expression on your softies face. Scroll down for the tutorial, a few practical tips and a free PDF eye template.

♥ Option One – Making sleepy eyes from felt 

  • Print out your pattern, cut out the pattern shapes and lay each piece onto the corresponding felts. 
  • Pin the pattern pieces to the felt with pins, and carefully cut out felt. 
  • ! TIP ! If you feel like your pins are working against you, take a piece of adhesive tape or scotch tape (see through, of course) and tape the paper pieces onto your felt. Carefully cut out your felt.
  • Pin the eyes onto your softie. 
  • Double check if the eyes are positioned correctly. As a ‘rule’, sleepy eyes usually are placed on the lowest point of where the ‘open’ eyes should be.
  • Sew on your sleepy eyes with your black thread and with the whip stitch.

♥ Option Two – Embroidering your sleepy eyes 

I like to embroider sleepy eyes on my softies when my softies are on the smaller side. In this event, your softies eyes will be small too and cutting small sleepy eyes from felt will be too hard. 

  • Print out your pattern, cut the eyes out of paper, and use these as guides to embroider your eyes.
  • Pin the paper shapes onto your softie. 
  • Double check if they are positioned correctly.  As a ‘rule’, sleepy eyes usually are placed on the lowest point of where the ‘open’ eyes should be.
  • Embroider your sleepy eyes with your embroidery thread and the running stitch.
  • Optional: Emberoider eyelashes along the sleepy eyes.

That’s it! Now go on and make lots of sleepy eyed friends for your already made softies! 

Tips for sewing eyes on your softie:

  • always pin first, then double check if your eyes are placed correctly before you actually sew them on
  • if you use the template below, make sure the eyes are the right size for your softie. Resize if needed (resizing tutorial here). 
  • Have fun! You can make as much sleepy / dreamy eyed softies as you want 🙂